Volume 1, Issue 3

It was not love at first sight for him,

but I am sure he loved me more and more with time,

His fingers holding mine,

I could tell, he was worth my death.

He chose the flames to impress,

that which spread like wild fire,

Consciously was I falling,

for him, whose lips craved mine.

He pulled me in so hard,

and let me sail through his soul,

I wrecked through his tears,

and discovered his deepest of weaknesses .

I found him more seducing,

than he who felt me compelling,

His touch felt like life,

but that was my span…just a few minutes.

With my own ashes he did show,

the vaporizing love he had for me,

I had no chance or voice to tell,

that ‘I'll wait forever for you.’

My destiny was fated to ash,

the moment he touched me.




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About the Author:

Indulekha lives in Chennai with her family. She pursuing a degree in literature.

Email: [email protected]

Tel: 7010354364


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  1. This poem mine a lot Expression the feel to dept.I hope u know – my dear prince
    how much that you are loved .having you here on the earth with as,lead success future in life.

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